Text /update on New School Project Dr. Zareef Memorial School

“As a Patron of the ZKF and an Advisor / Friend of this school I am pleased to announce that we have signed the necessary documents for the acquisition of 45 canals = 4 acres of land located 3 km from the eastern periphery of Peshawar City on the service road of the Motorway linking Peshawar with Islamabad and Lahore
The site for the new school building is beautiful fertile farmland, yielding a minimum of three crops per year like wheat, maize and vegetables besides the fruit orchards of pears, peaches & plums, etc.

It offers some very exciting opportunities for our students, the faculty and both the rural and urban communities at large. In addition to offering traditional academic curriculum, we shall be able to incorporate education on biodiversity /environment, local agriculture and dairies etc since gardens and orchards shall be maintained adjacent to the new school building.

Moreover, we plan to offer a library as well as Vocational Training and Adult Education to the the greater Peshawar area as it is virtually absent in the society as well as the culture at this point of time and badly needed to give a status to skilled class as well as develop future entrepreneurs !

We are excited to finally be able to offer our students open space for a variety of sports, which, due to the current limited school facilities, was not possibe. We are proceeding with an environmentally sustainable building design which will include accommodations for visitors, volunteer teachers, guest lecturers and some permanant members of the faculty and management.

The Zareef Khan Foundation is a non-profit organization and is actively searching financial support for this project which is so important for the greater Peshawar area.

The Dr. Zareef Memorial School caters mostly to the students from the lower middle income families as well as children of internally displaced tribal families who are forced to migrate due to military operations being conducted there to quell insurgency and militancy.

As the ZKF did not seek donations in the past, therefore, for the benefit of the donors in the future, it shall be issued with a tax exemption certificate by spring 2013. After that, financial contributions can be made directly to ZKF / ERIC (Account details will be provided later this summer. Each donor will receive regular progress report how their funds were being spent.


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